The 7 Treatments You Should Do In Winter Season Only

Treatments In Winter Season

It’s winter, which means we are kind of hibernating indoors most of the time, and when outdoors, we are almost all covered up, layers of clothes, hats scarves you name it.. This calls for action, cloudy and cold winter days are the perfect time to undergo certain treatments that might be harsh on the skin if done in summer. Tune in and make your appointments now! And always keep in mind; summer bodies are made in winter!


1 || Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal works best on dark hair/ pale skin combination. That’s why it’s the treatment that tops my winter beauty to-do’s every year.. Keeping the treated areas out of sun exposure is crucial, which allows me to care for my skin post laser while being undercover..


Laser Hair Removal


2 || Retinol

Yes I am including Retinol in my treatment list as to me it is a regimen I choose to do during winter’s cold days only.. Retinol is the number one tried and tested ingredient that is proven to tighten skin, induce the production of collagen, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, diminish acne and restore an even skin tone.. The thing is our skin tends to become super sensitive when applying retinol. This is why I apply in winter season for a good 3 months in a row. The next day I apply vitamin C serum and slather loads and loads of sunscreen..




3 || Facials and Peels

Do as much facials as you can during winter season. Facials tend to dig deep into the skin with all the picking and massaging. They are best done when there is no direct sun exposure, so it is your chance to go for all sorts of facials and peels to rejuvenate your skin and maintain safe exposure after..


Facials and Peels


4 || Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a treatment used to banish spider veins.. Many get those on areas likeupper thighs and behind the knees, they tend to get larger and darker with each passing year. By injecting the veins with Asclera, a specialized solution that makes them collapse almost instantly, some undesirable results take the form of bruises. This is definitely a beauty treatment to do during the winter months when you’re keeping your legs under wraps just in case you bruise, or when one of the veins turns dark and doesn’t collapse on contact. This way, no one (but you) really knows what’s going on under your jeans, and come summer, your legs, will definitely be spider-vein free!




5 || Microneedling

Another procedure that is done at home that is best when done during winter.. By stimulating your skin with the micro needling roller you will benefit from all the products you are using and maintain a healthy glow.. GloPRO is the machine used and it is a heavenly one to own at home.. And because our skin tends to look extra dull, pale and dry during winter, this pain-free process takes just a few minutes and maximizes product penetration. What’s not to love?




6 || SculpSure

Because SculpSure takes no less that 12 weeks to show results, winter is the perfect time to go for it! This painless procedure involves a laser treatment that is non invasive and tends to sculpt and contour your abdomen area, by using light based technology, it breaks stubborn fat cells in areas where you tend to accumulate fat.. Go ahead and start sculpting your bikini body!




7 || Halo Laser

If you suffer from rosacea and broken capillaries on your face, then you will benefit from Halo laser, when it gets cold, the redness flares up. You will notice that your complexion and pores look so much better for about two to three months. It’s also smart to do it after summertime if you want do tackle discoloration.


Halo Laser