Prada On A Journey Of Personal Discovery


You may not know this but Miuccia Prada holds a doctorate in political science, and last night her collection made her thoughts on the matter of women and the state of the world very clear.

The collection presented yesterday at Milan Fashion Week saw a new phase for Miuccia Prada, the multi -layered style clothing were a reflection of her feelings on women in general.

“We need to understand who we are today,” Prada shared, “Everything is symbolic. It is like a collage of what is happy or painful, of whether you are feeling beautiful or horrible, when you have love or no love. I thought of it as like someone who has all the clothes she’s ever had on the floor in front of her in the morning, and she must choose how she’s going to assemble herself.” In the runway notes, Prada states it simply, (although it is anything but simple): “The nature of women is complex and ineffable . . . Like a Russian doll placed inside one another.”

On her catwalk, Miuccia offered her own vision of a polarized world: the powerful and the weak, the rich and the poor. A fur cape was duplicated seconds later in utilitarian cotton canvas. What looked like a surgical corset gripped a perfectly tailored coat. A brocade shirt was paired with a postcard skirt.

French artist Christophe Chemin was responsible for the paintings in a dozen styles — echoing Renaissance masters, Pop icons, movie poster art — that added an absorbing visual texture.


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Feb 26, 2016