September is here, a new beginning. We will fold away our beach kaftans to make room in our wardrobe for the coming Fall season. Although the temperature hasn't changed since yesterday, there is a fresh autumnal spirit in the air. These ten easy updates to your current look, will ease you into fabulous fall.

#1 Swap Your Textures

It's time to put away your straw handbags, plastic flip flops and linen pants in favor of more durable textures. A cotton twill pant instead of linen, a suede tote instead of straw.


#2 Layer It

It's a perfect time to start layering your look. You don't need to feel hot, a tank top underneath an open khaki shirt or a tailored gilet with a sleeveless shirt will freshen up your summer look.

Alexander Wang

#3 Distressed Leathers

This is a good time to incorporate distressed leathers and suedes into your wardrobe. They have a wild wild west feel that is perfect for transition season. Where softer, shinier leathers may appear too wintery, these leathers have a dusty vintage feel about them that makes them ideal for September.

Rick Owens

#4 Update Your Color Palette

A gentle shift in your shade of lipstick, blush or nail polish can go a long way in updating your look. Opt for darker tones or shades of your most flattering colors for a perfect fall appeal.

Ciaté London

#5 The Heavier The Fabric The Lighter The Shade

This is a genius balancing act for in between seasons. The lighter the fabric weight, the darker the color. Opt for suedes and knits in lighter tones, and t shirts and cottons in darker shades.

Emilia Wickstead

Sep 1, 2015