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The relationship with our trousers is a complicated one. Some are your best friends, but what do you do when your BFF gets tired looking ? Chances are you will be filled with panic, how will you find another pair that will make you equally happy ?

Then there are the designer trousers that you shelled out half a fortune on. You are supposed to love them, but secretly you don't. And you hate them for it.

Answer these 10 questions to get to know your trousers and your body a little better.

1. Do You Feel Like You Have A Constant Wedgie?

If you feel your trousers are always stuck up your you know what, it simply means that you are wearing low-waisted trousers, but behaving like they are high-waisted. You are pulling them up too high. These trousers need to sit lower on your waist. Chances are you don't like low-waisted styles and bought these by mistake.

2. Do Your Trousers Have A Light Ripping Line At The Hip And Thigh?

It is mortifying to be staring at those “almost rips" every time you put these trousers on. They are most likely hidden at the back of your cupboard. An uncomfortable reminder of your thunder thighs or is it ?

It doesn't mean you have thunder thighs, it just means your trousers don't have enough stretch in them. On the contrary you are blessed with curves, just make sure your trousers are stretchy enough to accept these curves.

In the meantime, pull out a Sharpie pen in the closest color, and fill in the rip line.

If the ripping line is at the butt, they are definitely too small.

3. Do Your Privates Show?

If you feel uncomfortable wearing trousers because your privates are too accentuated in the front, it means that your trousers are too stretchy and they are hugging your privates! Some people have more shapely privates, and so a trouser with less stretch will work best, alternatively invest in these awesome pads.

4. Is Your Waist Always Too Big?

Sorry to break it to you fabulous ladies with the annoyingly small waists, but taking in your waist doesn't always work. If your trousers get stuck in your behind once you have taken them in, it means your trousers are actually low-waisted and need to be worn lower down. If they are a higher-waist pant you will most likely need to take in more than just the waist. Consider placing two darts at the back, right below the waist, to accentuate your hourglass shape.

5. Does Your Butt Crack Show When You Bend Down?

Just to clarify, wearing a bodysuit hides your butt crack, but it still looks unattractive. Your trousers are too low ! Some trousers come higher in the back to avoid this. Another option to consider is the medium rise pant, which looks low waisted but is more comfortable.