5 Pregnancy Hacks From Blake Lively's Wardrobe

Pregnancy is not the most glamorous time in a woman's life, so when fashionista Blake Lively is pregnant we watch closely and take notes. Never has pregnancy looked so fabulous, yes she is still in the early stages of pregnancy, but these tips are worth keeping in mind.

You Still Have A Waist

Belts are Blake Lively approved, soft thin ones that sit flat on your body. You may be struggling to find your waist and if you are still looking in the same place you won't find it. Your waist is still there, just higher up !

Just Break It Up

The thought of a pregnant woman wearing a horizontally striped dress is probably what nightmares are made of. Who wants to look wider ! The truth is, if you break your look up you can get away with pretty much anything, and yes, stripes if that's what floats your boat. In the look below Blake manages a striped mini, with an opened duster coat. The difference in lengths distracts the eye, the open jacket breaks the body up into three vertical lines, creating the illusion of a slimmer body.

Show Off Your Legs

If you were to think about it, your legs are becoming one of the slimmest parts of your body. As your belly grows, your legs look thinner in proportion to your baby bump. This is good news for all those women that miss their minis. Flaunt those legs, not only are they slimmer looking, you simply can't look trashy, you are pregnant, so enjoy ...

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May 27, 2016