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#1 The Hazard of Horizontal Lines..

Be careful with your stripes, they can make or break your look, as demonstrated by Poppy Delevingne and Karlie Kloss. Poppy's pink striped dress did her fabulously svelte figure no favors. Karlie on the other hand worked the stripes to her advantage, directing the eye to areas of her body that need further accentuation or volume. Bottom line, where you put the stripe will make that spot a little bigger.

#2 Sam Nails The Pink Evening Dress

Sam Rollinson clearly knows how to rock a baby pink dress, adopting both rules of thumb in her alluring dress. Firstly ensure the color suits your skin tone, and secondly, add a sexy element in order not to look like Barbie. The short to long hemline adds a hint of adult appeal that completes this fab look.

#3 Always Work Your Strengths

Salma Hayek knows what suits her, and can't help but naturally show off what she's got! Her flat stomach accentuated by the paneled skirt, her voluptuous bust highlighted by the frilly V neckline. Never a gym devotee, she always focuses on showing off her best assets on the red carpet.

#4 Color Over Style Always

It doesn't matter how perfect your dress is, if it's in the wrong tone of color, you simply cannot look good. The incorrect tone will cast a terrible shadow on your skin and you will look either washed out, or blue in the face. Regardless of how you feel about Kate Bosworth's Erdem dress, one thing is certain, the blue color is perfect for her skin, and she is glowing like a light bulb.

#5 Don't Play Dress Up

Naomi Campbell has a fantastic figure and a fabulous new hairstyle. Her outfit however is not as flattering, each piece beautiful in and of itself, all together her outfit looks like she is in a costume and going to a Halloween party.